PalonenLABS - Connecting machines and software

Services - What we can do for you

We have experience at problem solving in various industries since 1997. Our clients include established large multi million eur companies and small startups.

Client industries

  • Window, door and balcony manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Retail sales
  • Communal maintenance
  • Electric vehicles (cars, boats, airplanes, motorbikes)
  • Education
  • Law enforcement

What we can offer

  • Software and hardware solutions in small quantities.
  • Prototyping services from planning to first few working prototypes.
  • We can design and implement customized software for both Windows and Linux environments for both front and backend (desktop and server) from cloud to factory floor production machines. For example, we can design and implement an MPR calculation engine for building industry. We have experience about problem solving in woodworking and aluminum industry environment since 1997.
  • Most of our software is customized for special needs. 
  • We can build prototypes and test-benches with suitable measurement and logging. For example medical device testing and prototyping
  • In many cases our projects have involved mechanical building and electrical assembly, software writing and testing until we have a working prototype
  • We have also +20 years experience in Linux server maintenance.

Software tools

  • Visual Studio .NET C# 2008-, Visual Basic 3-6, Ruby, PHP, Perl, Javascript, Python, Node JS, Node-Red
  • Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL
  • CAD: Fusion 360, Eagle
  • CAN-Explorer 4.0
  • And other software as necessary